Data Master V5 Software – Memory Card and Storage Device Backup and Catalog


There is always that time when all of our memory cards are full and we still want to capture. We then need to take the time to copy the entire contents of each memory card to a specific folder on our computer and verify that it actually copied the files.
Data Master makes a backup of the entire contents of a memory card or any drive that is recognizable by your computer.

Data Master is very intuitive and it makes the backup process a breeze without a complicated system to learn. Data Master displays all of the drives that are recognized by my computer and it can easily find memory cards and any backup destination drive. With the Data Master, I can confidently backup and re-use my memory cards quickly and efficiently so I am able to instantly use the memory card again without concern of data loss.

Just two clicks and your card is backed up to the drive of your choice.
This software is available at DataMaster.pro

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