Sony Alpha Microphone (ECM-ALST1) and Rycote Windjammer

Sony Microphone

Sony Microphone

The Sony Alpha (ECMALST1) Compact Stereo Mic improves the in-camera audio capture of the α (Alpha) Series DSLR cameras. A switch for 90° and 120° pickup patterns allows you to adjust the directivity of the microphone.  The ECMALST1 connects to the α DSLR camera’s Smart Accessory Terminal for mounting and plugs into the 3.5mm stereo mini jack. A movie function accommodates dynamic sound recorded during video clips. The included windscreen cuts down not only on environmental noise but on the operational noises of the lens and camera, such as autofocus movement.

This Rycote Windjammer is intended to cover an existing foam windscreen and deliver added wind protection while capturing audio outdoors. The windjammer is made of synthetic fur and silk lining for greater wind noise diffusion.

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